Bitcoin Made Easy – A Masterclass For The Bitcoin Curious

- Taking the mystery out of Bitcoin -

- No prior knowledge or experience required -

- In just 90 min for 49.99 you will discover what you need to know to start owning Bitcoin -

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Don’t be left out of the bitcoin conversation

It was only a couple years ago that I didn’t really understand what all this meant either. But, like you now, I was curious.

I followed my curiosity; I dove in and asked a lot of questions.

I took time to learn because I learned to LOVE it.

I invite you to learn about the Bitcoin space.


Leverage Your Wealth

At some level you know our financial system is a mess with the massive amounts of money being printed by The Fed.

You want to open yourself up to growing your wealth by leveraging the cash you earn and making it work for you.

Learn about Bitcoin without owning crypto or being a techie.

Get all your questions answered by a professional who has made a career out of teaching people about Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has the power to change your life as you know it forever. 


In this Masterclass, I will share with you:

What is Bitcoin?
What is Electronic Cash?
How to Buy Bitcoin
How to Store Bitcoin
What does it mean to be financially sovereign?
And so much more



 Daphne has a unique ability to explain something as complex as Bitcoin so that a novice like me feels comfortable investing. 

Janet K.

 Daphne has extensive knowledge of bitcoin and wealth building in general. She takes hard-to-understand concepts and makes them relatable. This is integral in deciding what and how you want to interact with Bitcoin and accessing your risk tolerance. I appreciate her manner and how much she enjoys sharing her expertise.

Roberta R.

 Daphne is an expert when it comes to explaining complex topics in simple terms. She has been teaching me everything I need to know about Bitcoin and I am very grateful for all of her help!

Rhonda J.

Daphne Jones is a financial educator who loves teaching her GenX sisters about Bitcoin and creating their version of financial independence. She is also the host of the Bitcoin Jarhead Podcast.

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