51: Ep 51 Is It Time for You to Podcast? w D. R. Fray

This is one of those shows where we start in California, move on to Japan, and end up in Nashville. Typical GW2! DR started her career as a singer and performer in Singapore, then moved to Japan. We had to talk about that! After moving back to the States...

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Have you thought about what it takes to develop a podcast? Are hoping there is someone who can support you, so you only do the fun stuff?  Listen in here.  D.R gives us the full rundown.

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59: Ep 59 How to use Failure to Build an Empire

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Creating streams of income, from something you and I would never think about. It started with her vision for building an empire and she’s using her failures as the bricks.
What else did she do to be a …

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