48: Ep 48 Get the Right Stuff DONE! w Yinka Ewuola

Roberta and Yinka meet in a Megan Macedo workshop.  “I knew I had to get to know her better,” says Roberta There is something about Yinka that draws you to her. Once you get to talking to her, you realize it’s that she is 100% herself. And herself is a p...

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Yinka Ewuola doesn’t pull any punches, but she does guide with humor and grace.
She also shares her simple LinkedIn strategy that fills her coaching program and monthly master class with her ideal clients.

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59: Ep 59 How to use Failure to Build an Empire

She’s back!  Lil Miz Millionaire is back at it again
Creating streams of income, from something you and I would never think about. It started with her vision for building an empire and she’s using her failures as the bricks.
What else did she do to be a …

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